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Double-Bubble Fun at Clemens Center

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Double-Bubble Fun at Clemens Center

By John Cleary

One acclaimed master of the soap bubble would be enough for an intriguing day at the theater. But "Bubble Time," which comes to the Clemens Center on Saturday, matches two giants in the world of sudsy entertainment.

Together, Casey Carle and Doug Rougeux have more than 40 years of performing experience, working with everything from opera companies and symphony orchestras to circuses. Their stage show fills the air with bubbles as the two Ringling Bros. Clown College graduates perform comedic stunts with their soapy media of choice.

Carle, a Greene native, has created bubble routines and scenes for Cirque du Soleil, Bailey's Irish Cream and Pepsi Cola. He's performed at Lincoln Center, on the Discovery Channel and for toymaker Fisher-Price. He won a five-day contest against the world's top soap performers on the Japanese television show "TV Champion."

Rougeux, in addition to his bubble art skills is a veteran juggler and mime who clowned for two years with Ringling's "Greatest Show on Earth." He's toured with theater companies throughout North America and Asia and has acted and directed in multiple theatrical productions in his home city of Syracuse, NY.

In "Bubble Time," Carle plays Yesac Elrac the Bubblemaniac and Rougeux plays his foil, the bumbling Bub. Just “Bub”!



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