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Oct 23, 2015
Reprinted from KLTV.com

By Jamey Boyum

BubbleMania! Brings Soapy Spheres to The Dome at TJC Center for Science

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It's all about trapped gas in what wants to be a spherical object, and it's a live show at TJC's Center for Earth and Space Science Education. We're talking about bubbles; the science of bubbles, that is.

Meet Casey Carle, one of the few bubble-ologists in the world. In 1987 his Ringling Brother's Circus act really blew up, but then he burst their bubble and just rode the winds with his show, traveling all over.

"Around the world, manipulating soap and water to amaze, amuse, inspire, and mostly to get people to go, 'wow!'," Carle said.

He can put on a big show in a small space.

"When you understand the science of bubble-ology, you can manipulate bubbles to do things beyond people's expectations," Carle explained.

He's big on bubbles inside bubbles, and fog bubbles.

"I like to think we have an even billing, but they probably would be above me on the marquis," Carle said.

"Literally," I offered.

"They would literally be above me," Carle smiled.

Bubbles are a part of nature, and I take that natural phenomenon and I learned enough about it that I can do amazing things with it," Carle revealed.

His bubble sculptures include a bubble crystal ball and a spinning, fog-filled space ship and a bubble volcano! This weekend's rain is a good reason to see the show, and there's a humid air bonus.

"The bubbles are going to last so long, I'll probably end up asking them to leave so I can move on to the next thing in my show," Carle said.

"So for eye-stinging, lung-soaping, dehydrating entertainment.." I offered.

"I refuse to support that," Carle stated.

Really you can't sit close enough to get popped on, so don't let that scare you away from the grand finale, which is..not going to be revealed in this story. You'll just have to float down to TJC's planetarium to find out.

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