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Washing hands with soapy foam
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Casey Carle's Virtual Science Show (Assembly or Family Night)
Where Soapy Science Combines Screen-Time with Clean-Time!

We applaud the ingenuity of teachers, educators, librarians, theater producers and child care leaders who continue to devise new ways to inspire young minds in the remote learning environment!

Here's another option from veteran program presenter Casey Carle to add relevant and engaging material to your curriculum...

A variety of fun props and tools are used in the broadcast for making science visually fun and highly memorable.
(VIRTUAL) BubbleMania: The Wonderful World of Trapped Gas (Grades K-5)
Featuring Casey Carle, Professional Comic Bubble-Ologist

Wash your hands to stay healthy! Good idea...but Why and How does that work??

In "BubbleMania: The Wonderful World of Trapped Gas!" 30-year veteran educator and world-renowned bubble-ologist Casey Carle shares insights the entertaining, delicious, practical and life-saving properties of various types of bubbles that we all come across in our daily lives. From whipped cream to light bulbs and from fire prevention to virus protection. And the science of how soap removes dirt and germs is the same science that allows for creating beautiful bubble art, jaw-dropping tricks and eye-popping special effects. Including detailed, fog-enhanced bubble sculptures, beautifully captured on Casey's 2-camera studio set-up. Plus jazz-enhanced, pre-recorded routines from Casey's popular stage career and professional TV pilot. Plenty of Q&A time ensures a personalized program for each audience. (Note: all live-action segments stream from Casey's home-studio while taped segments were previously recorded in theaters and rented studios)

S-T-E-A-M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) LEARNING OBJECTIVES:

  • Home-made Bubble Solutions - Ingredients and Ratios (Math)
  • Applying Science to Everyday Decisions and Options
  • Appreciation Of and Ability to Duplicate 3-D Bubble Sculpture (Art)
  • Soap Film Dynamics on Geometric Frames (Engineering and Math)
  • Secrets to Keep Bubbles from Popping (Physical and Natural Sciences)
  • Understanding How Soap Literally Pulls Viruses Down The Drain (Health Sciences)

Plenty of humor helps the lessons stick...while giving kids the power to keep from getting sick!

Plus short comedy skits featuring two bubbly hand puppets named Bubba and Larry!

Bubba & Larry, Best Bubble Buddies, offer funny minute-long encounters from their unique, air-headed universe!

Casey demonstrates how soap molecules work with water molecules to team up on dirt, germs and viruses!
Casey demonstrates how soap molecules work with water molecules to team up on dirt, germs and viruses! (The little blue guy is a Corona Virus)

Length: 45-50 minutes
Grades: K-5 (educational components catered to specific grades as warranted)
Limited to 95 sign-in devices when using Casey's Zoom account

(Please note: this program is not a direct replication of the live stage show "BubbleMania!" as presented for decades at schools and venues nationwide. "BubbleMania!" - in all its whacky and wonder-filled splendor - will be available again when protocols allow for safe, indoor public gatherings)



  • Customizable to Match the Ages/Abilities of the Group

  • Age-Appropriate Improvisational Comedy

  • Answers to Real-Time Questions

  • Suitable for single grade to district wide engagement


Costs are based on the size of viewership. Which tends to be one or two programs per school.

We can invite up to 95 devices per program when using our Zoom meeting platform.

When using your Google Meet platform we will accommodate numbers as needed.

Heavy discounts apply to multiple programs or when block-booked with other locations.

Discounts also apply to small groups or after-school programs.

And of course, NO travel or hotel fees tacked on to virtual shows!

To learn more and to schedule a VIRTUAL ASSEMBLY or FAMILY NIGHT please contact Todd Little, Booking Manager, at bubblemaniabooking@gmail.com

Todd will take into consideration any unusual or unique circumstances.

Do environmental conditions play in role in the lifespan of a bubble? You bet!

What's been said about Casey Carle's presentations in the virtual world...

"Great Fun! Great Feedback!" - Stratford, CT Library July 2020

"You transitioned expertly from live to virtual. The kids were joyful. Laughter could be heard up and down the hallways, even through very thick doors!" - Roaring Brook School, Chappaqua, NY

"We thoroughly enjoyed your virtual program and specifically enjoyed your interaction with all of us." - Ridgefield, CT Library

"Really appreciated the visually clear and fun way you explained the soapy science behind hand washing" - Orchard Hill School, Milford, CT


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